Germany WAGs Photos: Hottest Photos Of The German National Team’s Wives And Girlfriends

Germany Soccer WAGs: Hot Photos of Team’s Wives and GF’s

Germany’s soccer team is doing what they do best: winning. The defending World Cup Champions have been easily making their way through this year’s Euro, disposing of their opponents with little effort. They face their biggest test yet in the semi-final, the host nation France. One of the best parts about European soccer is that every time a player scores, the camera usually pans to one of their beautiful wives or girlfriends. And the German WAG squad is just as loaded, if not more so, than the actual soccer team.

Which makes me wonder: is it just me, or do most Germans, men and women alike, were engineered in some kind of laboratory. There soccer players are world champions, and their women all seem to be 5’7 tall, slender, blonde women.

The WAGs of the German National Team are merely a small sample size, so I can only imagine what the actual country looks like. My god.

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