Paige VanZant: Hottest Photos of The DWTS MMA Fighter

Paige VanZant hot photos

Quite possibly one of the hottest women to ever enter the realm of MMA, Paige VanZant made her way onto the notoriously popular reality dance competition series DWTS and instantly proved to the world that being a lover and a fighter is not only 100% possible, but also 100% hot as all get out. Whether you’re aware of the hotness that Paige VanZant possesses or just now stumbling across this rare and beautiful gem of a woman; there’s just no denying the fact that this DWTS MMA fighting knock-out truly does appear to be a real life diamond in the rough.

Born and raised in Dayton, Oregon, Paige VanZant actually began her dance career far before she made her way to the ring with the help of her parents who owned a dance studio. Although she was noted to have been a tom boy who had no problem getting her hands dirty, Paige also spent her youth as a ballet, jazz, and hip hop dancer. So how did she make her way into MMA fighting? Well, supposedly we can thank a group of girls who bullied her for her desire to learn a thing or two about self defense. What better way to utilize a few fierce self taught fighting skills then to become a professional MMA fighter and get paid to do what you’re already great at, right?

With an interesting past, one heck of a hot bod, and some pretty fantastic dance skills; DWTS MMA fighting dance contestant Paige VanZant is just plain hot in every way imaginable. See for yourself by checking out her hottest photos on the internet in the gallery below!

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