WATCH: ‘2014 in Review’ Makes Us Think We Slept Through The Year [VIDEO]

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2014 in review video

Hey, remember when Scotland was invaded this year? Neither do we–but that’s one of the weird images captured in this video that supposedly encapsulates 2014, but we must’ve slept through a lot of the year. There are all kinds of things in this thing that we don’t remember. Well, we remember the Sochi Winter Olympics, of course, and the death of Lauren Bacall, and some other things. Still, maybe most of this video is just too damn positive or something.

We mean, where’s that girl licking the reporter on live television? Or SNL Highlights? Or even the Tim & Eric ad for Totino’s Pizza Rolls? You’re gonna stand there, ownin’ a video that recaps 2014, and tell us you don’t have no footage of Star Wars Stormtroopers stranded on the road, Daniel Radcliffe rapping, the “Star Spangled Banner” played with a gun, or one single Meg Turney starting videos on Facebook? This isn’t the 2014 that we remember–although it does look pretty cool…