Heisman Award 2014 Winner Marcus Mariota: Quarterback Is A First for the Oregon Ducks

Heisman Award 2014 Winner Marcus Mariota

Oregon Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota is this year’s winner of the Heisman Award. That’s a first for the University of Oregon, although the college has always had Heisman-worthy cheerleaders. The Ducks haven’t landed a Hesiman in the award’s past 79 years, though. That’s a big deal for the Oregon junior. It’s less of  a big deal that he’s an underclassman. A senior hasn’t landed the Heisman since Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith back in 2006. [photo: Alex Goodlett/Getty]

Anyway, it’s a big finish for the Hawaiian native, who threw his way to completing 68.3 % of this season’s passes. That’s added up for 3,783 yards. Yeah, this guy doesn’t look too likely to fizzle. You’ll be hearing a lot more about Marcus Mariota–and then you might want to brush up on 20 Things You Didn’t Know About 20 Heisman Winners

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