Aubrey O’Day Served Up Thanksgiving Breasts on Instagram [PHOTOS]

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Aubrey O’Day may be a British pop star from her days in Danity Kain, but she sure know how to celebrate Thanksgiving. She served up a very hot dish via her Instagram account while other sexy models were slaving over hot stoves. Aubrey O’Day deserves a rest after her busy 2014, though. For one thing, she turned 30 years old. You can see how horribly she’s aged, right?

Also, there was supposed to be a big Danity Kain reunion this year, but that fell apart in a big way–including a report that bandmate Dawn Richard whacked Aubrey in the back of the head. Did we already make a joke about how we would’ve paid more for a Danity Kain catfight than for a reunion concert? We probably did.

The important thing is that Aubrey’s weird year hasn’t made her shy. She’s as outgoing as ever, which makes for a very good holido’day anytime. Aubrey can stay on holiday as long as she wants, too. That’s how we get bikini pics like these…

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