@SUNYPartyStories Photo Contest Is Back [20 PICS]

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Celebrate the return of the school year, if for no other reason than checking out the slopfest that is @SUNYPartyStory–a twitter handle devoted to the drunk students of the SUNY schools.

Every week @SUNYPartyStory holds a contest for the most ratchet “party story” (aka drunk photo). First, users upload fantastically gross photos of their friends–usually involving vomit, urine, strippers, or all three–and make sure to include which SUNY school they’re from. After the submission deadline is reached, users then favorite or retweet their favorite photos to determine a winner. It’s the kind of democracy the founding fathers would be proud of.

See the photos from the first week’s @SUNYPartyStory contest below, then vote for your favorite at @SUNYPartyStory.

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