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Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Wednesday, August 27th

It’s mostly a happy Hump Day here at COED–by which we mean that we have plenty of hot Instagram models to get us through the day, but it’s also the last Hump Day of summer, and we’re not sure how many fine pics we’ll get of gals like Anastasia Ashley. And if you don’t recognize the awesome surfer in the pic above, then you didn’t do nearly enough girl-watching this summer.

Fortunately, we can expect Anastasia to keep surfing in warmer climes throughout the year–and we’re also going to stay heated over the other beauties who’ve popped up on our Instagram feed today. Take a look at a shockingly hot collection of beauties baring themselves for the internet–and to give us all a reason to live as we fly into a Labor Day weekend…

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Of Our Favorite Instagram Pics!

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