Stuff The Intern Forgot: ‘Thug Notes’ Takes On ‘Hunger Games’ [Links]

thug notes

‘Thug Notes’ Takes On ‘Hunger Games’

The YouTube channel Wirecrack, which used to be called Thug Notes, has released a video explaining what was really goin’ down in “The Hunger Games.” Our friends over at The Huffington Post have posted the video, in which Sparky Sweets PhD (Greg Edwards) says, “Just survivin’ this mess ain’t enough [for Katniss] no more. Now she gotta step up and try to smoke dem haters up in the capital. And that’s what I dig so much about Katniss.” To see the video, CLICK HERE.

And here are some more interesting links that our air-headed intern forgot to post…


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selena & vanessa

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