College Football 2014 Week 1 Preview: Cheerleader Edition

college football week 1-1

You’ve been waiting 233 days for the return of college football to arrive, and the good news for everyone is that it’s finally here.

Yes, there’s a mid-major game that kicks off on Wednesday, but the first big game is this Thursday when (21) Texas A&M takes on (9) South Carolina. There’s no Johnny Football or Clowney but whatever… We’re dying over here.

Just in case you’ve forgotten how we at COED approach the college football season, here’s what happens:

• We list for you the best games worth watching (plus where/when you can see them).
• As an added bonus we include a gallery of the teams’ cheerleaders for you to enjoy.
• Then we ask you to pick which cheerleading team you like more.

You’ve waited long enough, so enough words. Here’s our college football week 1 preview.


(21) Texas A&M at (9) South Carolina

(6:00 PM EST | SEC Channel)

Boise State at (18) Ole Miss

(8:00 PM EST | ESPN)

Weber State at (19) ASU

(10:30 PM EST | PAC-12 Network)

Jacksonville State at (8) Michigan State



(5) Ohio State at Navy

(12:00 PM EST | CBS)

(7) UCLA at Virginia

(12:00 PM EST | ESPN)

WVU at (2) Alabama

(3:30 PM EST | ABC/ESPN 2)

Rice at (17) Notre Dame

(3:30 PM EST | NBC)

Florida Atlantic at (22) Nebraska

(3:30 PM EST | BTN)

South Dakota State at (24) Missouri

(3:30 PM EST)

Arkansas at (6) Auburn

(4:00 PM EST | SEC Channel)