Guess The Celebrity Beach Booty

Sometimes we like to imagine that we’re on the beach in Beverly Hills and just wandering amongst the Celebrity Beach Butts. We know that there’s no beach in Beverly Hills, but it’s still a nice thought. Also, we don’t understand why Beverly Hills hasn’t built its own beach. They have the money. Anyway, we mainly like the idea of playing Celebrity Beach Butt Bingo, where we’d wander along and check out the bikini babes showing off their ample assets.

Click The Thumbnail to Reveal The Celebrity Butt!


“Hey,” we’d say, “there’s Alessandra Ambrosio!” Or maybe we’d just ponder if we were looking at the beautiful bared butt of a Angelina Jolie, or maybe the curves would be more worthy of Milla Jovovich. We’re not saying that any of those celebrities are featured here. We’re just saying that it’s a lot of fun to play Guess the Celebrity Beach Butt. The view isn’t bad either.



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