MTV Video Music Awards, 2014: The Breast(s) of the Red Carpet [PICS]

It was a typically bizarre MTV Video Music Awards last night–and with a typically hot red carpet. We’re pretty happy to report that plenty of pop stars decided to make a statement for the paparazzi by baring their breasts in the name of their pop art. In the process, our own eyeballs got hoppin’ and poppin’.  [photo:  Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

As you’ll soon see, there were plenty of highlights–including Rita Ora (who you can see more of here) and Ireland Baldwin (who you can see more of here, and was kind enough to bring along her lesbian lover Angel Haze, in case you’d forgotten about that). And there was also Nicki Minaj still winning into the next week. Nicki’s representing here even though she settled for showing of her best asset, but there are plenty more VMA vixens to hold your interest into this next morning…

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