Ashley Hinshaw on “True Blood” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Ashley Hinshaw on True Blood

(9:00 PM EST, HBO)

Your humble See Her Tonight column understands that all eyes will be on the MTV Music Video Awards, but we’d still like to remind you that True Blood is wrapping up its run tonight. That’s a real tragedy for us. We won’t pretend to have been excited over every season of the HBO series, of course, but we’ve sure gotten plenty excited over plenty of the sexiest babes of True Blood.

And this final season has kept throwing in more exciting beauties right up to the end. That includes Ashley Hinshaw as a sexy microbiologist with a maxie chest. Her character seems to have mainly flown in from Alaska to provide some romantic fireworks and a little jealousy among the main cast members. Ashley Hinshaw can really help move a plot, too, as she showcased when breaking out in 2012’s Chronicle.

Ashley’s been working steadily ever since, and we’re sorry to see True Blood wrapping up just as she arrives in town. Check out these pics, though, and you’ll see why we’re sure that Ashley is going to be around long after we’re done mourning True Blood

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