UK Realty Company Scores With Page 3 Models [PICS]

We weren’t planning on buying any property in England, but we’re suddenly in the market–thanks to Whirlybird Property, which has recruited some of England’s hottest models to promote their business. We’re talking about sensational talents likeĀ India Reynolds, Rosie Jones, and Holly Peers. We didn’t know that these busty British babes were talented at selling property, though. We just thought they looked great in bikinis.

Well, the joke’s on us. The fine folks at Whirlybird Property wouldn’t be investing in Page 3 girls unless they’d already made a lot of money on prime real estate. That’s okay with us. We like a company that shows off its assets. We like our female company to do the same. So check out these pics from the Whirlybird Twitter account–and check out their website, although we doubt that the company’s realtors all look like their spokesmodels….

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