Caterina Murino on “Taxi Brooklyn” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Caterina Murino on Taxi Brooklyn

(10:00 PM EST, NBC)

It doesn’t take much to get your See Her Tonight column committing to an hour of staring at a television screen–but Taxi Brooklyn has really been one of the more underwhelming shows of a pretty good summer season. It’s kind of based on the foreign film that the Jimmy Fallon big-screen comedy Taxi was based on, but Taxi Brooklyn plays more like a typically lite crime drama about a tough female cop and her faithful taxi-driving sidekick. On the other hand, there’s Caterina Murino in a recurring role.  [photo via…]

We’re thinking that Caterina Murino deserves a better showcase–and probably a better American agent–since this Italian beauty should be a much bigger deal after busting out big as a Bond girl in 2006’s Casino Royale. In her defense, the former model seems to have been really happy settling for international stardom. She was already a French film star when Casino Royale came along, so we can’t really blame her for taking her time before invading America.

Taxi Brooklyn isn’t the vehicle to make her a star, and it looks like her upcoming English-language productions will be debuting at the local Redbox. Still, Caterina is the best thing that Taxi Brooklyn has going, and it would be a shame to let this summer get past without flagging her down in your living room. We don’t think that “flagging her down” is a sexual euphemism–but you might feel differently after checking out these pics…

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