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Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Tuesday, August 19th

It’s been a terrific Tuesday here at the COED offices–which is a real testament to the power of our Instagram feed. The simple truth is that it’s hard to be miserable when you have happy thoughts coming your way from the likes of Valeria Orsini (above), who’s showing off how a staircase can show off some lovely lingerie.

We have a lot more ladies showing off, too, with Valeria’s underwear matched by the likes of Nicole Mejia, Jessica Tatum, and Allison Sky. Well, we think that she’s wearing lingerie. That might be a bathing suit–in which case, Allison joins bathing beauties like Megan Belet, Stephanie Marie, Mariah Longo, and lots more. So start catching up on all these intimate Instagram moments, and get started on your own happy thoughts right here…



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