Bar Refaeli Can Soap Up Our Lexus Anytime [PIC + GIFS]

We’re not sure if this pic from Bar Rafaeli’s amazing Instagram account is a behind-the-scenes shot of an upcoming Lexus commercial, or just a really nice slice of life pic from Bar’s personal life. We do know that Lexus should just be giving Bar Rafaeli a lot of free cars in returning for her washing the things herself. This is instantly the bestLexus ad that we’ve ever seen.

Of course, it also leaves us wanting more of Bar Refaeli, so here are some GIFs that show off how Bar must’ve been moving while soaping up her Lexis. Now we’re getting angry over the idea that maybe this isn’t a behind-the-scenes shot of an upcomingLexus commercial. Somebody at theLexus marketing department better get on the ball…

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