How To Use Sex Toys For Useful Things Besides Sex [PHOTOS]

The Weirdest Life Hacks With Sex Toys2

If there’s one thing that Martha Stuart has taught us, it’s that sex toys are great things to have (hidden) around the house. Not only are they great for, umm, sex they can serve a double-purpose by helping you with everyday chores and tasks.

Let’s take a quick look at a butt plug, for example. A classic instrument as far as sex toys go. Yes, they’re fantastic for filling an empty space in that special someone’s rectum but did you also know they’re just as useful for corking an unfinished bottle of wine? Or acting as a door stop? And the bonus is that as you use it to replace more and more everyday items, you’ve always got a butt plug within arms reach!

So without further ado, let’s dive into 15 different ways sex toys can help improve your life at home.


Sex Toy: Butt Plug

What it replaces: Drain Stopper


Sex Toy: Nipple Clamps

What it replaces: Picture Hangers


Sex Toy: Vibrator

What it replaces: An electronic toothbrush


Sex Toy: Butt Plug

What it replaces: Cork

Sex Toy: A fake vagina

What it replaces: A towel rack


Sex Toy: Butt Plug (so many uses!)

What it replaces: A door stop


Sex Toy: Nipple Clamps

What it replaces: Croakies


Sex Toy: A C*ck Sleeve

What it replaces: A Coozie


Sex Toy: Cock Ring

What it replaces: Napkin rings


Sex Toy: Dildo

What it replaces: Desktop Arm Pad


Sex Toy: Silicon hand for fisting

What it replaces: Candle holders


Sex Toy: Silicon hand for fisting

What it replaces: Mail holder


Sex Toy: Anal beads

What it replaces: Oil checker


Sex Toy: Dildos

What it replaces: Bike armbars


Sex Toy: Cuffs

What it replaces: Curtain draws

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