Moran Atias on “Tyrant” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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See Her Tonight

Moran Atias on Tyrant

(10:00 PM EST, FX)

There are plenty of times when your See Her Tonight column is baffled by the ratings, but we really can’t figure out why Tyrant isn’t taking off as a hot summer series on FX. The show had a troubled history, and we know that it’s hard to sell people on a show that’s basically Dallas amongst the Middle Eastern royalty, but it’s been pretty amazing–especially with Moran Atias playing a reluctant First Lady dragged into palace intrigue. [photo via...]

And that’s in addition to the sensational Sibylla Deen–so there’s really no excuse for Tyrant not being a big deal. We know that Moran Atias is sure a big draw. Moran must have also impressed director Paul Haggis when she showed up as a regular on the Showtime series based on his film Crash. He cast her alongside stars like Liam Neeson and Adrian Brody in the new Third Person–which is getting mixed reviews, but no one has any complaints about Moran.

That’s a big leap, too, considering that Moran made her first splash as the sexiest thing in Will Ferrell’s failed stab at making a big-screen Land of the Lost. Some other news that’ll get no complaints: Moran has a sister, and we’ve even written up the sexy Shani Atias here at See Her Tonight. So get to know both Atiases, and we’ll work out the double-dating arrangements after we moon over Moran tonight…

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