Let’s Watch Basketball Player Ron George’s Horrible Leg Injury [VIDEO]

NBA Paul George Leg Injury

In a moment more worthy of the MMA than the NBA, Indiana Pacers player Paul George really screwed up his leg with a really awful injury during a scrimmage as part of the United States national team’s intrasquad scrimmage on Friday. George was trying to stop a layup by James Harden in the fourth quarter. Instead, he managed to stop the game after his leg kind of snapped against the backboard stanchion.

If you don’t know what a backboard stanchion is–well, you’re about to want to start avoiding them. The game was called off, but Harden’s Blue Team was leading George’s Blue team by a score of 81-71. Yeah, some people just care about that kind of thing. Meanwhile, we’re only watching this over and over for educational purposes…

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