Northwestern University Adding More “Gender-Neutral” Bathrooms


Those who fit into the “other” category when it comes to gender on Northwestern University’s campus will have access to more bathrooms of their own on campus in the fall semester.

University officials announced that transgender students will have access to “gender-neutral” bathrooms starting next semester on the Evanston, Illinois campus. Construction crews are adding two restrooms to the third floor of the Norris University Center that will be “gender-open bathrooms where students of any gender can go in,” according to Michelle Margulis, president of Northwestern’s Rainbow Alliance LGBT student group.

Northwestern has been adding the gender-neutral restrooms across campus and are currently one of 150 colleges with such facilities for transgender students. Margulis said the new facilities are designed to alleviate any discomfort these students might have when using one of the other facilities where “it can be very disconcerting, for example to go and use the restroom…and have somebody tell you you’re in the wrong restroom just base on their perception of you.”

We’re sure that some of you out there are probably chomping at the bit to activate your political correctness hate gland and normally we’d be right along with you but there is a positive angle to this story that your white hot, blinding rage may not allow you to see. This means there are more restrooms on campus and that means shorter wait times. Now you’ll no longer have to choose between missing Spanish class or having to learn how to say “Excuse me professor but I just wet myself” in another language.

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