Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Monday, July 28th

It’s the last Monday of July, 2014, and it’s getting made memorable with intimate Instagram pics from bikini’d babes like Monique Victoria –plus plenty of other hot babes dolled up in all kinds of smart summer wear. If you need something more in swimwear, then check out Brittany Ward, Brooke Wexler, Daniella Grace, and Diana Dean. We’re not sure if Olya Abramovich is wearing a bikini top or a bra, but she’s looking good.

Karen Vi is combining sexy underwear with a top, while Danielle Ruiz has decided that it’s a lot easier to just go topless. We respect that decision. Shelby Israel also gets a salute from us while getting dolled up and still baring plenty of skin. We’re not sure if Paulina Shafir is bundled up or nearly naked.

We’ll keep looking until that’s figured out–while you can go ahead and cruise through all these shots that’ll really help you get through what’s left of a Monday…

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