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The Hottest Naked Female Athletes Of The 2014 ESPN Body Issue [PHOTOS]

Our favorite annual feature from ESPN–The Body Issue–returned today. You can see every single one of the photos and videos of your the featured athletes (including current internet troll favorite Prince Fielder) on ESPN’s official site here, or alternatively you can head to your local newsstand and pick it up.

Hopefully by now you’ve seen our behind-the-scenes post, so you’re aware of the female athletes who posed buck naked in the name of “sports.” But just in case you need a refresher, here they are:

• Coco Ho (surfing)

• Venus Williams (tennis)

• Amy Purdy (paralympian)

• Aja Evans (bobsled)

• Danyelle Wolf (boxer)

• Ginger Huber (cliff diver)

• Hilary Knight (ice hockey)

• Jamie Anderson (snowboarder)

• Megan Rapinoe (soccer)

But enough with the text and onto what you came for–photos of naked female athletes who could probably beat you up.

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