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What Was Johnny Football Doing In Vegas Bathroom With Rolled Up $20 Bill?

Busted Coverage posted this photo of Johnny Football over the weekend. Whether or not it was taken in Vegas (where he was confirmed to be hanging out over the weekend) is up for debate, but what we can confirm is that it’s 100% Mr. Football aka Mr. Money Hands himself and he seems to be rolling up a $20 bill.

We don’t want blow this out of proportion or go yakking about rumors we shouldn’t, so here’s a list of things that Johnny could be doing with that rolled up $20.

• Getting his $20’s ready to stick in a stripper’s butt.

• Rolling up a $20 to stick in his ear.

• Showing that other guy in the bathroom an awesome origami trick a la “B Boy” Abraham Lincoln

• Preparing for a serious, all-out spitball war.

• Using it as a cocktail straw as only millionaires could.

• Something related to The Illuminati.

• Cocaine.

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