Woman Who Won The Week: Cameron Diaz & Her “Sex Tape” Tape [38 PICS]


There aren’t a lot of 41-year-old former sex symbols who can push a new movie while becoming a sex symbol all over again–but Cameron Diaz pulled it off this week while promoting the upcoming comedy Sex Tape. The movie reunites Cameron Diaz with Jason Segel from Bad Teacher, where the blonde’s sex appeal was mainly played for laughs. She’s looking much sexier as a MILF married to Segel who spiced up their sex life with some videotaping while the kids are at Grandma’s house for a sleepover. Unfortunately, their sex tape goes public when they accidentally upload their lovemaking session wirelessly to a bunch of tablets that they’ve given as presents to friends, co-workers and family.

Cameron is promoting the movie by showing why that sex tape is the kind that wants to be seen, too. She made headlines by posing for pics like this for Esquire, and you’ll want to see the rest….

Cameron Diaz Esquire

Sex Tape also got folks riled up with a very sexy clip that also shows that Cameron can never get so comedic that guys still can’t get distracted by that enduring sex appeal (plus a tribute to Heather Graham in Boogie Nights)…

This is a really big comeback for Cameron, considering that she conceded the sex symbol business to Kate Upton in this year’s The Other Woman. Check out these other pics, and see why Cameron can distract you from plenty of other other women…

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