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Genevieve Morton Was The 4th’s Hottest American Woman [VIDEO + PICS]

Genevieve Morton July 4th Instagram Video i

We’re not sure where Genevieve Morton spent the 4th of July–because she’s very busy, and she doesn’t return our calls, but we do know that she took the time to post a video from photographer Gavin Bond, and that’s still probably going to be the highlight of the 4th of July weekend. Check out Genevieve running down the beach in beautiful slo-motion to the tune of “American Woman”…

For some reason, Lenny Kravitz’s cover of the Guess Who classic seems to lack all of the vitriol of the original. We’re pretty sure that we want Genevieve Morton’s war machine, and any other allegedly horrible American thing about this American gal. Enjoy more pics of Genevieve below, and see why she’s still got us saluting on this fabulous 5th…


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