Sideboob Selfies are Awesome Because… Sideboob [48 PHOTOS]

Sideboob selfies

It seems that the selfie is here to stay–and there’s nothing wrong with that. People seem to find exciting new ways to keep this art form fresh. We’ve seen movie characters engaging in Cinematic Selfies, and guys getting famous from selfies that’ll give you a real kick in the head. But it’s really the ladies who’ve done the most to keep the selfie alive. We don’t mean the notorious selfies served up by bad mothers, either. We’re talking about selfie-serving celebrities like Heidi Klum, Jennette McCurdy, Ireland Baldwin, and more.

But you don’t have to be a celebrity gal to bring an exciting new angle to the selfie. Check out what these ladies have done for selfies just by flashing plenty of sideboob. It turns out that mirrors can offer all kinds of exciting new angles, as some other gals just take some hot body shots held in amazing new ways. The one big constant is stunning sideboob from beautiful amateurs. You might have to take our word that there are no famous faces here, though. You might forget to look at the faces…

J BryantCOED Writer
President / Executive Editor - COED Media Group. NYC via Austin, Texas.