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Maria Menounos: 41 Sexy Pics For Her 36th Birthday [PHOTOS]


Today–that being June 8, 2014–is the 36th birthday of Maria Menounos, and that’s a lot of birthdays to keep track of on the calendar. As noted in the tag line for her Chasing Maria Menounos reality show,  there are so many Marias and not enough time ogle her. Maybe we could catch all of her appearances as a wrestler for the WWE, or maybe as an actress, but then things get really crazy with her work as an entertainment reporters for the likes of Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, and the Today Show.

And don’t forget the Maria the Breadwinner of Chasing Maria Menounos, who helps maintain her parents’ lifestyle, and also a boyfriend who still might turn into a wedding groom. That’s not a happy thought–but you should get happy over these happy photographs. We’re sure that Maria’s own birthday celebration will end up as part of a reality show. That’s okay, though, since we’re getting the present of plenty of pics…

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