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Celebrate Puerto Rican Day With 64 Sizzling Models [PHOTOS]

What does Puerto Rican Day mean to us? COED is based in Manhattan, but it’s a celebration of all of the great contributions that Puerto Rican culture has made to all five boroughs of New York City. Puerto Rican Day also makes for a day-long party, thanks to the epic crowd that always comes out for the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade.

Of course, we’re used to a lot of diversity on the streets of New York City. We could stand a lot more diversity in the world of modeling–and Puerto Rican Day is a perfectly fine reason to check out the finest models who’ve hit the catwalks with a Puerto Rican heritage. Here’ a great collection of ladies who’ll really get you excited over Puerto Rican Day. They’re even hot enough that they distracted us from talking about the native cuisine…

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