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16 Great Tweets That Have Us Mourning Patton Oswalt’s Twitter Break

Comedian, actor and all-around hilarious Internet troll Patton Oswalt is taking a summer-long hiatus from Social Media. He posted his announcement on (where else?) Facebook early Sunday morning.

Oswalt said, “I’ve become my own tyrant–Tweeting, and then responding to my own responses, and then fighting people who disagree with me,” he wrote. “Constantly feeling like I have to have an instant take on things, instead of taking a breath, and getting as much information as I can about the world. Or simply listening to the people around me, and watching the world and picking up its hidden rhythms, which crouch underneath the micro and the macro.”

We’ll certainly miss Oswalt’s hilarious antics on Social Media. In honor of him leaving the Internet-sphere for the summer, we’ve put together his greatest tweets ever. Come back soon, sir…

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