10 Smaller Artists You Don’t Want To Miss At Governor’s Ball [MUSIC]


This weekend marks the fourth annual Governor’s Ball in New York City, and we’re excited over huge acts like Outkast, Vampire Weekend and The Strokes. Like any big festival, though, there are also lots of amazing and lesser-known groups that you don’t want to miss. Since these smaller bands are usually on the earlier end of the schedule, the only way to see them is to to man up and get out to Randall’s Island bright and early each day so that you don’t miss any gems.

Obviously easier said than done, of course, but here’s our list of our 10 favorite smaller artists that you don’t want to miss at Governor’s Ball. Or should check out wherever you are…

cayucas Cara Robbins1


When: Sunday | 12:15

Best Song: “High School Lover”

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Hunter Hunted

When: Saturday | 12:15

Best Song: “Keep Together”

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When: Saturday | 3:00

Best Song: “Holding On”

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Chance the Rapper

When: Saturday | 3:45

Best Song: “Juice”

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Wild Belle

When: Sunday | 2:15

Best Song: “Another Girl”

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Cris Cab

When: Saturday |12:15

Best Song: “Liar Liar”

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When: Sunday | 1:30

Best Song:I wanna Dance”

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Frank Turner

When: Sunday | 3:15

Best Song: “Recovery”

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When: Friday | 3:45

Best Song: “Pompeii”

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Washed Out Band Photo. Ernest Greene pictured.

Washed Out

When: Friday | 3:45

Best Song: “Feel It All Around”

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