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Knicks Summer Woes Continue With Release of Iman Shumpert Rap Video “Chiraq”


Once upon a time I thought it was kind of interesting Iman Shumpert was interested in rap. That was back in the days when #KnicksTape was a thing. Back when they were winning.

Cut to Summer 2014. The Knicks are a now garbage team with no coach, a franchise player who hasn’t committed to staying here, and a bright young star currently dressed as a stupid clown spitting awful rap lyrics.

The rhymes a middle-schooler could have written suddenly sound a lot less interesting. Here’s one of the more memorable parts:

“…My bucket on and my Rodman on so f*ck with me
We in the off, so I’m pissed off so you might not wanna f*ck with me.”

Dude, trust me, no one wants to f*ck with you right now.

We literally just got rid of Meta World Peace, do the Knicks need another rapper? No. This is the kind of stupid stuff that’s going to make Melo move to Chicago.

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