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Riff Raff Releases ‘Kokayne,’ Continues To Amaze [MUSIC]


If you don’t know Riff Raff by now, sit back and enjoy the craziest white rapper around these days. His newest jam, “KOKAYNE,” is about, well, cocaine. The song is produced by famed super-producer and Mad Decent label head Diplo. It’s a rock-rap song and to be real-we’re loving it. Some of the best lyrics in the song are, “Alot of sh*t up on my chest-Dolly Parton” and then the amazing bridge later in the song with the chorus:

“I need it. I want it
I would do anything for it
It brings my life enjoyment
Up all night ’til the early morning.”

You should stream “KOKAYNE” immediately on soundcloud. Also, if you’d like to watch an amazing interview with Riff Raff on Fader from exactly two years ago today, then enjoy the video below…


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