Indiana Pacers’ Paul George Risks NBA Fine With Miami Heat Accusations

Paul George Miami Heat Refs

There have been theories for years that the NBA playoffs are rigged to get the best teams to the Finals. Indiana Pacers forward Paul George threw fuel on that fire after the Pacers lost Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Monday, with a pretty bold announcement that the Heat might have got some “home cooking” with the officials calls.

The Heat shot 17 more free throws than the Pacers, and was called for ten fewer fouls in their victory–which moved them within one game of the NBA Finals. George made many comments about unbalanced officiating. While he may have a case, it wasn’t the best thing to say. The officials don’t take too kindly to being criticized. His claims could have a major effect on Game 5 of the series.

They could also have an effect on Paul George’s bank account, since the NBA might fine him over the comments. Now we have Indiana needing to beat both the Heat and the officials to keep George’s season going for a few more weeks.

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