Pontiac Silverdome Gets Auctioned Away At $5 A Pop

Pontiac Silverdome Auction

In its heyday, the Pontiac Silverdome in suburban Detroit was a sports haven for the Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons, and the World Cup. The site even hosted a huge crowd for a particularly memorable WrestleMania. But now, there’s no one in the building and the Silverdome has taken a beating. The turf is now floating on a foot of water, and everything else has fallen apart without a decent roof to protect the interior.  [photo via…]

Which leaves the owners to start selling everything they can in an auction starting on Wednesday.  Every item will begin at $5–and if it doesn’t sell, says the auction company, it goes in the garbage. There are nearly 4,000 different items available including flat-screen televisions and scoreboards.

Who doesn’t want a scoreboard in their den from the place? There’s already a pre-auction sale of seats from the Silverdome underway, too. It’s a sad ending to a building that brought a lot of excitement to the entire country–from the days of the bad boys of the Pistons to Barry Sanders running around in Pontiac on Thanksgiving.


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