101 Sweetest Things About Summer [2014 Edition]

101 Sweetest Things About Summer1

With Memorial Day weekend just around the corner, we can now safely say that it’s officially summertime and we could not be more excited. After an especially grueling and really, really long winter full of Polar Vortexes, we can’t wait to truly embrace everything that this summer has to offer. We know you’re excited too. And if you’re not yet? You will be after reading this list of the 101 sweetest things about summer.

If you like, feel free to treat this as a bucket list. Challenge Accepted!

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1. Bikini Car Washes

2. School’s Out

3. Snow Cones & Ice Cream


4. Lollapalooza In August and A Bunch of Awesome Music Festivals All Summer

5. Siestas (aka Being Lazy)

6. Slip ‘n Slides

7. Wife Beaters

8. Water Gun Fights

9. Girls Tanning

bbq ribs

10. BBQ

11. Road Trips

12. Bonfires


13. Wet T-Shirt Competitions

14. Hanging at the Beach

15. Rope Swings

16. Beach Parties


17. Summer Movies

18. Awesome Summer Television

19. Tan Lines


20. Baseball (And Drinking At Baseball Games)

21. Amazing Summer Parties

22. Summer Fridays

23. Extra Hours of Daylight

24. Weddings


25. Swimsuit Calendars

26. No Homework

27. Biergartens

28. Bike Riding

29. National Bourbon Day


30. Professional Beach Volleyball

31. Sleeping In Late

32. Taking Really Long Lunch Breaks

frisbee golf

33. Playing Frisbee (And Frisbee Golf)

34. Seeing All Your Friends Who Hid Away All Winter

35. Skinny Dipping


36. Water Skiing

37. Jet Skis

38. Boating

39. Drunk Girls Kissing

40. Watermelon


41. Camping

Celebrity bikini pics

42. Celebrity Bikini Pics

no shoes

43. Going Barefoot


44. The 4th of July

45. Girls of Summer

46. No More American Idol


47. Cruising

48. Roof Parties

summer brews

49. Summer Brews

50. The Ongoing Console Wars

Theme Park

51. Amusement Parks

52. Shorts

53. Cliff Jumping

The ice cream man

54. The Ice Cream Man

55. Garage Sales

56. Fried Chicken

57. Street Fairs


58. Farmers Market

59. Water Sex

60. Surfing

Central Park SummerStage

61. Central Park SummerStage

no snow

62. No Snow

63. Wimbledon


64. Fireworks

65. Softball

otdoor movie

66. Movies in the Park


67. Pub Crawls

dodge ball

68. Dodge Ball

white water rafting

69. White Water Rafting

summer fling

70. Summer Flings

71. The Hooters Swimsuit Pageant

72. Trampolines

73. Extra Time to Watch a Full Season of Your Favorite Show

74. Marco Polo


75. MLB All-star Game

76. Sprinklers

77. Concession Stands

78. Outdoor Bars

79. Staying Out Really Late, Even When You Have Work


80. Hammocks

81. Micheladas

82. Tree Climbing

83. Lake Parties

84. Booze Cruises

85. Short Shorts

86. Chicken Fights

87. Sitting Next To An Air Conditioner On A Super Hot Day

88. Popsicles


89. Crawfish Boils

90. Girls in White Pants

91. Sundresses,  Sweet, Sweet Sundresses

92. Long Weekends 


93. Coney Island Freak Show

94. Hot Lifeguards


95. Hemp Fest

96. Memorial Day

97. Thongs


98. Hot Tubs

99. Bikini Contests

100. Water Parks

101. Hot Dog Eating Contest

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