Johnny Manziel Jerseys Outselling Michael Sam Jerseys

Johnny Manziel Jersey

The popularity of Johnny Manziel is unmatched by most athletes–so when he got (belatedly) drafted by the Cleveland Browns, it was a given that fans would want a Johnny Manziel jersey. Manziel’s No. 2 Browns jersey has now become the top-selling jersey on NFLShop.com. That’s topping every other player in the league, and even outdoing the fashionable draw of a Michael Sam jersey. That just shows the power of Johnny Football.

There were even fans lined up outside FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland last Friday morning to get their Manziel jersey. There are so many people who want to be the next Manziel that getting his jersey is the first logical step–even though the rookie quarterback is going to start his career as a backup to Brian Hoyer for the Browns.

The time will come sooner than later, though, for Manziel to hit the field and no one would be surprised if everyone in the stadium has the same jersey on when that time comes. It will be a sea of Manziel jerseys sported by nearly 70,000 fans in Cleveland. That will be a sight to behold when it occurs sometime this season. Right now ,though, the run on Manziel jerseys continues at a record pace around Cleveland and around the NFL.


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