Gadget Lets You Spy On People, And Your Girlfriend Spy On You [VIDEO]

Snap 2014-05-07 2at 10.01.19

Creepers of the world unite! You now have this weird contraption that you can put on your phone to take “discreet pictures” of whatever. The official “Peek-i” video explains that you can now take pictures of things that “really concern you or something that should not concern you at all.” But–in a terrifying twist, this video also has a suspiciousĀ girlfriend who’s taking pictures of her boyfriend checking out other girls on Facebook. This seems like a hazardous device…

This just whole thing just seems to have “creepy voyeur” written all over it.Let’s be real–privacy in general is sadly becoming a thing of the past. No matter where you are or who you’re with, there’s a chance that you could be getting filmed. Watch your back, everybody. You never know who hasĀ “Peek-i” attached to their phone…

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