37 ‘Worst Mom In The World’ Selfies for Mother’s Day [PHOTOS]

Mother’s Day is coming this Sunday–which means that it’s that very special time of the year when we spend a week¬†panicking over how to come up with something to send our mothers that isn’t too lazy or cheap or pathetic. And don’t tell us that our Moms will be happy with whatever they get because you don’t know our Moms.¬†Also, we have to come up with a Mother’s Day present that eases the sting of having a child who works for COED. That is not easy.

Fortunately, we have a collection of pics right here that is a fabulous present for Mother’s Day. It’s a collection of Mom Selfies that will immediately make 95% of the mothers out there feel a lot better about their parenting skills. We’re talking about 37 perfect mergers of Parenting Fails and Selfie Fails, and you can probably toss in Life Fails, as well.

Hopefully, we’re not actually talking about the lives of the poor kids who get to be in the background of these embarrassing shots–some which are literally bare-ass, and we wish that we were talking about the kids here. Let’s all pretend that these are actually the life-changing selfies that got these muddled moms to straighten up and fly right, while leaving behind a legacy of hilarious pics that it’s perfectly okay to enjoy. And to share with your own Mom, who (thank God) most likely raised you in a world before selfies were everywhere…

J BryantCOED Writer
President / Executive Editor - COED Media Group. NYC via Austin, Texas.