49ers Fan Suing NFL For $50 Million

San Francisco 49ers $50 Million Fan

San Francisco 49ers fan John E. Williams III wanted to see his favorite team play in the NFC Championship Game against the Seattle Seahawks last January. However, he was denied that chance when the Seahawks limited ticket sales to certain states. Specifically, certain states not including California or Nevada. Williams has now sued the NFL for $50 million for dashing his hopes and accusing the league of engaging in “economic discrimination.”

This is a very good issue to tackle–but  maybe not one worth $50 million. The Seahawks wanted to make sure that they had their fans in the stadium for the game, instead of a bunch of 49ers fans. That’s understandable, but there shouldn’t have been any way to stop the fansfor getting tickets. Williams just wanted to see his team play, and bring others with him, but then couldn’t because of Seattle’s policy.

There is likely going to be changes made sooner than later because the NFL is in the business of making money. For now, though, Williams will be sitting in court trying to get his money for something he can’t get the chance to see again.


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