Charlie Sheen Now Just Drunkenly Wanders Around Paris [PHOTOS]


The words “Charlie,” “Sheen,” and “drunk” go together like cheese and wine,–which is quite fitting, because Charlie was recently seen stumbling around the best city to enjoy a fine wine with a stinky cheese.

That, of course, would be Paris, France. Someone on Reddit blessed the universe with a bunch of pictures of Sheen and some teenage bros hanging out in this most cosmopolitan of cities. The actor was clearly having a great time and being a good sport about taking photos with the dudes. And why was one of the biggest sh*t shows of all time wandering the bridge at Pont des Arts in Paris at night? With his infamous past (and present, let’s be honest) we can safely say that he was on the prowl for loose women and illicit substances. 

This dude stays winning. Check out some of the other photos below:




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