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Laura Vandervoort: New Pics To Keep Us Howling On Monday [PHOTOS]

This is our second Monday since the werewolf series Bitten finished its current season on Syfy–but we have pics of sexy star Laura Vandervoort to get us through our hunger pains.We’re longtime fans of Laura Vandervoort, of course, and have been happy to admire her bod on the beach and an exquisite Esquire layout. We also got excited over her Maxim shoot, where we were inspired to add our own gallery of hot Laura Vandervoort pics.

So we’re really grateful to Cliché magazine for coming through with more of Laura to start our week. There are plenty more great pics at the site, along with video that’ll also get us through these cold April Mondays without Lauren to sprout fur and warm us up. Well, at least that’s our fantasy. Check out these pics and see what thoughts sprout for you…

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