Happy Birthday, Gina Carano! We Celebrate With 22 Sexy GIFs…

Gina Carano is turning 32 years old today–that being April 16, 2014–and she’s not really celebrating as a movie star. That’s a drag. We really enjoyed her recent In The Blood, and highly recommend the movie for guys who want to see some grindhouse-style revenge action that doesn’t star Steven Seagal or Jean Claude Van Damme. Nothing against those two guys, but they’re not as attractive as Gina Carano. They probably couldn’t take her in a fight nowadays, too, since Gina Carano is still in great shape as a champion MMA fighter. It was really just a few years ago that she became the first lady in the biz to score a $100,000 payday for a championship bout.

Sadly, we might never get to see a rematch where Gina goes up against Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos for a Women’s Championship–even if Santos later tested positive for steroids after handing Gina her sole defeat in that 2009 bout. Gina’s been too busy with Hollywood lately. She kind of caught the public’s eye with a very sexy nude cover shoot for an ESPN Body Issue. Then artsy director Steven Soderbergh hired her as the star of his own Grindhouse Lite she-spy movie Haywire, which landed her in Fast & Furious 6.

Gina looks like she has a few decades left of being able to kick our asses, and we’re hoping that she’ll get more chances to get our butts into the movie theaters, too. You can check out some In The Blood action right here (along with 134 of Gina’s sexiest pics). We also know that guys like to see Gina showing off all of her right moves in non-violent ways, too–so let’s officially celebrate her birthday with these very moving GIFs…

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