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Eliza Ward Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS]

Eliza Ward is a sexy Australian model who should be on your radar. You’ll have to forgive us for missing her in our roundup of “Hottest Women of Coachella-Week One” but rest assured, this gorgeous brunette was there. We first were turned onto Eliza via Gervin Puse’s Tumblr (GervinOnGervin) but I don’t think that we’ll be forgetting her face anytime soon. Especially after we learned that she was featured on LifeWithoutAndy, probably one of our all-time favorite photo blogs.

She’s represented by Wilhemina for jobs out in Los Angeles and Que Models out on the Gold Coast for Australian gigs. We need to find a reason to bring her out to NYC sometime soon, though we don’t think a beer pong game is really going to cut it. Governor’s Ball maybe?

Nationality: Australian | Measurements: 32-24-35

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