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Sriracha Was Declared Public Nuisance


It’s a sad, sad day for all the Sriracha fanatics out there as the Irwindale City Council declared the factory that produces Sriracha a public nuisance. They now have 90 days to find a way to stop the odor that residents claim burns their eyes and throats–causing heartburn, nose bleeds, and inflamed asthma. The council voted unanimously against Huy Fong Foods, the company that owns the amazing hot sauce. 

What are we going to do without something that we literally put on every food? Please don’t shut our crack dealer, California. Perhaps we could start a Sriracha island where the sole purpose of the island is to make the delicious hot sauce? Work with us, world. Until then, we’ll be stocking up on as much of this stuff as we can…

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