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Kate Upton Showed Off Her Legs For Jimmy Kimmel Last Night [VIDEO]

We’re watching Kate Upton very closely as she makes the rounds promoting her upcoming comedy The Other Woman–mostly to see what she’s wearing at the premieres. She’s worn some great outfits. When it came to last night’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, though, Kate kept her neckline high and mostly flashed her legs. That’s okay with us. Besides, we could kill a few hours watching her walk out to Kimmel’s couch, since her dress still provided plenty of bounce.

Kate’s awfully cute, too. Check out the video, and then follow up on what else Kate had to say via the Jimmy Kimmel Youtube channel. She’s really charming, and we think this whole Other Woman thing is going to surprise a lot of people with what Kate can do both onscreen and off the screen. And we all get to enjoy the promotional tour.

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