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Gorgeous Girls Golfing: 2014 Masters Edition [PHOTOS]

In recognition of The Masters Tournament beginning today–golf’s most prestigious event–here are bunch of sexy ladies who would be barred from entering the Augusta National Golf Club with the lack of clothes they’re wearing.

Luckily for us, the dress code is a little more lax for things like the Playboy Golf outings, photo shoots of Bar Refeali, or that recent cover article of Paulina Gretzky on Golf Digest.

But who knows? Now that Augusta has actually allowed a couple of women to become members, maybe we’re not too far off from a laxer dress code. OK that’s a lie. No one wants to see Condoleeza Rice in a bikini anyways.

If you’re interested in taking a peep at WAGs of last year’s Masters, check out our post here.

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