Daniela Fridman: Hotels.com Captain Obvious GIRL [Who's That Girl]

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daniela Fridman

The “Captain Obvious / Eye Contact” Hotels.com ad is probably our office’s favorite commercial at the moment. Written by Rosswell Saunders, it’s everything we could ask of an ad: hysterically funny with just the right amount of eye candy. In this case, that eye candy is Argentinian actress/model Daniela Fridman who’s the focus of this edition of “Who’s That Girl?

To start with, you might be interested in learning that Daniela is a Capricorn, which means that she’s a hard worker. Totally makes sense when you look at her resume. Daniela has been acting and modeling for a while now, but from our cursory research this set of ads are the first ones to air in the United States. Her previous gigs include starring in a couple of Toyota ads, Trident spots, and some promotional stints for a latino Comedy Central roast of Hector Suarez.

We hope to see more of her in the future.

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  • You know an ad is funny when the company gives you the green light to mention that you don’t need their app every moment of your existence.