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Combat Juggling Is A Real Sport That Looks Pretty Cool [VIDEO]

Not many people would consider juggling a sport. Throw the word “combat” in front of it, and that might change people’s perspectives.

This video from Grantland gives many people their first look into the world of Combat Juggling. Juggling was already a sport that held official competitions. Unsurprisingly, those competitions were sparsely attended. Can Combat Juggling get more people interested in the sport?

It certainly is more entertaining to watch than ordinary juggling. The object of the game is for two jugglers to attack each other so that one of them drops a ball or stick. Sounds kinda boring, but it does look pretty cool. And you can probably do some serious damage by bashing someone in the face with one of those sticks.

Combat Juggling is kind of like the XFL of juggling. Football didn’t need a rebrand. Maybe juggling does.

via Grantland

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