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Puking Speech Bro Should Have Been Lead Image For “Yes This Happened”

People of the world, I’m sorry that I did not lead out this morning’s “Yes This Happened” with this amazing photo of a Nebraska Speech bro puking all over his hands. It was a violation of your trust and I’m sorry.

Some people are speculating that this guy is either upset that he placed fifth or nervous that he’s onstage but we’ve got a different theory: this guy is just metal as f*ck.

You think biting your medal is cute? You think you’re patented smirk is great? F*ck you, I’m going to puke on my medal.

That’s how you make the news. How stupid do you think the guy who won is feeling right now? Puke bro’s just all up in the news and still nobody cares that you won the Nebraska State Speech Championship?

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