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Vine Launches Direct Messaging, New Way For Franco To Hit On 17-Year-Olds


Vine could not have chosen a better day to release the news that they’ll be launching a new direct messaging service. James Franco has been all up in the news with the recent story hoax about how he was hit on a 17-year-old Scottish girl visiting NYC using Instagram’s direct messaging service.

Coincidence? We think so. All the same it’s perfect timing.

Vine is well known for standing back when it comes to the censoring of their users content (read: boobs etc.), as opposed to Instagram which likes to keep its photos “family friendly.” So just imagine the kinds of booty calls that can now happen, courtesy of your friends over at Vine.

The move is a smart one, considering the huge trend to move towards more privacy (WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat).

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